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How the Program Works | Philosophy | Curriculum Summary | Talent | Standards

Home-Study and Studio Art Instruction for Children and Adults-Teacher Training

The New Masters Art Curriculum is dedicated to the development of a new generation of great masters.

The New Masters
curriculum is a full fine arts curriculum organized into levels of progressively more advanced instruction in all the major two-dimensional art media and categories-pencil, pastel and charcoal drawing, pen and ink drawing, color theory, painting (tempra, oils, and watercolor) and design.

The tasks of drawing and painting have been broken down into steps so small and have been arranged into sequences so logical that anyone - even those with below normal abilities - can follow and master them, even to the highest levels. Click on the topics below to read about the New Masters' approach to skill-development, program philosophy, practice policies, curricular structure, and standards of performance.

Why and how does this curriculum work as well as it does?
New Masters training methods, the structure of the curriculum, expectations for the student.

The philosophy behind the system.
An introduction to the New Masters system, a brief outline of New Masters’ basic goals and principles and a short essay on the issue of perception versus invention-based art instruction.

Curriculum summary -- Outlines of the 10 New Masters levels.

What about talent?
What is talent? How important is it? Do you have enough of it to succeed in this program?
Do you have too much talent to profit from this type of training?

The program standards.
Why are they so high? Will you be able to meet them? What will it take to meet them? Why is the New Masters’ student success rate so high in spite of its high standards?

Art Instruction

For more information please visit our curriculum summary page.

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