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About John Gordon

About the Instructor-John Gordon:

I am the founder and director of Gordon School of Art and creator of the critically acclaimed New Masters Art Curriculum, a system of painting and drawing derived from traditional techniques and 25 years of personal research at the easel and in the classroom. John GordonMy main interest as an artist is the pursuit of perceptual truth and the mastery of the technical means to render it faithfully. My main interest as a teacher is to pass on everything I learn to my students.

A brief summary of my educational experience

A brief look at my educational and professional history.

A statement of my aims as an artist

A brief description of my goals as a painter
and my efforts to reach them. The New Masters
curriculum is designed to reach the same goals and provide the means to reach them.

Examples of my paintings

Selections from my still-life, landscape and figure paintings

John Gordon
Director, Gordon School of Art
New Masters™ Art Curriculum

"Talent Is A Matter of Training"
-- Shinichi Suzuki

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Email: gordon@newmasters.com

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