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Evaluation Sample #2-


Dear P-----,

It was good to see your work again. I wrote some comments on some of the worksheets and projects, but all in all, you are doing beautifully. I especially like the quality of your lines. It is amazing what you can see in a line –after you have seen a few million of them. I hope you take the time to visit the masters in the museums when you can. I get the feeling you would respond positively. Chicago is not that far from you.

The only areas where you could improve are the sizes of small shapes, which you tend to make a little too small, and in your use of the brush. The small shape problem can be solved by looking more closely at the negative spaces, paying attention to their sizes in relation to the small shapes. You will see any mistakes right away that way. The brushwork can be improved by alternating between very slow strokes for awhile followed by very quick but very short strokes. You might also try tightening the muscles in your finger tips a little bit more. Experiment until you find the right combination of tension and speed.

Thanks again for sending such fine work.


John Gordon
Director, Gordon School of Art
New Masters™ Art Curriculum

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