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Student Art Gallery

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Tim Kornowski
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New Masters™ Student Art Gallery by Level:
The following selections show how New Masters students apply their drawing and design skills to the program’s projects and to pictures they do on their own at home. This inventive application of skills in encouraged by allowing students to combine pictures creatively or apply any new skill, like modeling with color pencils, to any of their other projects.


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TeePee, Caitlin D.
Age 8-Level 2

Bird on a Branch, Alisha W.
Age 12-Level 5

NFL Football, Garrit B.
Age 8-Level 3

Sea Bird, Micheal M.
Age 13-Level 6

Bug on the Road
Age 10-Level 5

Girl with Cat, Kristi P.
Age 16-Level 8

Mouse with a Spear
Age 9-Level 5

Crucifixion, Lance K.
Age 16-Level 8

Bird on a Branch, Alisha W.
Age 12, Level 5

Terminator, Robb M.
Age 18, Graduate

Parrot, Elizabeth E.
Age 14, Level 5

Death Row, Robb M.
Age 18-Graduate