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with Supplementary Instruction
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Informational Introductory DVD containing introductions to the New Masters curriculum, the Foundation Course, and the student art book is available FREE-you pay only shipping and handling. This 40 minute video illustrates the program's philosophy and methods, includes examples of the work of all the students (not a select few) who were enrolled in my Green Bay, Wisconsin studio program during the 4th quarter of the 1988-89 school year. It also includes selected examples of adult student work. The introductions to the Foundation Course and the art book will give you a very good sense of what to expect from the first course and how your lessons will be conducted, as well as supplementary instruction on the psychology of drawing and the role of the brain in the drawing process.

The New Masters Foundation Course
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The Foundation Course contains:

An Instruction Manual,

A student workbook

All necessary papers and drawing supplies

5 Instructional DVDs

2 mail evaluations

Free telephone support

New Masters Foundation Course
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Home-study instruction begins with the Foundation Course, a composite of the first 4 levels in a 10 level curriculum. It is dedicated to the mastery of approximately 110 of the 195 technical skill groups covered in the curriculum.  I currently use this course in my private classes and in the first phase of my college courses in basic drawing.

Foundation Course price: $269.95 plus shipping and handling
Extra Foundation Course workbooks: $39.95 ea.
Extra Supply Packets: $9.95 ea.

*Note: The New Masters Foundation Course replaces the original Young Masters Foundation Course introduced in 1991That course is no longer available.  It is being redesigned for the instruction of children between the ages of 3 and 8.

The New Masters Level 5 Course
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Gordon School of Art New Masters Level 5 The course contains:

An Instruction Manual

A student workbook

4 Instructional DVDs

1 mail evaluation

Free telephone support
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Level 5 covers intermediate grid drawing, basic pen-and-ink techniques, tempera painting, watercolor, introductory pencil shading, linear perspective, design, and color theory.

Price: $269.95 plus shipping and handling
Extra Level 5 Workbooks: $39.95 ea.
The New Masters Level 6 Course
Plus $99.95 Shipping and Handling Charge
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The course contains:

An Instruction Manual

1 student workbook

5 Instructional DVDs

1 mail evaluation

Free telephone support

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Level 6 covers advanced grid drawing, basic and intermediate free-hand drawing, intermediate pen-and-ink and pencil shading and intermediate design.

Price: $269.95 plus shipping and handling
Extra Level 6 Workbooks: $39.95 ea.

New Masters Bundled Courses
These are special offers for those who feel they will move quickly through the Foundation Course. They combine the New Masters Foundation Course (explained above) with higher level courses at substantial savings.

Bundled Course #1: $410

The Foundation Course and Level 5
plus $105.00 shipping and handling
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Mail Consultation: $50.00

Mail monitoring session covering 2 students. Student provides pre-addressed postage paid envelope.

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New Masters-Gordon School of Art On-line Ordering
*Shipping Charge will be included in final price in shopping cart
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IN-Extra Foundation Course Workbooks $ 39.95
IN-Extra Foundation Supply Packets $   9.95
IN-New Masters Level 5 $269.95
IN-Extra Level 5 Course Workbooks $ 39.95
IN-New Masters Level 6 $269.95
IN-Extra Level 6 Course Workbooks $ 39.95
IN-Bundled Course 1-Foundation Course and Level 5     $410.00
IN-Bundled Course 2-Coming Soon! $410.00
IN-Mail Consultation-Limit 2 Students $ 50.00
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New Masters Courses are restricted for use by the purchasing family only. They cannot be used in the instruction of non-family members where a fee is charged or services exchanged. Single persons wishing to study with one (1) non-family member may do so if a request is made in writing -- including the name and address of the additional person -- and submitted along with the attached order form. Those who wish to use these materials for the paid instruction of others must first obtain the proper teacher certification from Gordon School of Art. Separate student art books and supply packets must be purchased for each additional family member being instructed. Copyrighted materials. No returns of used programs. A $25 handling and processing fee will be charged for unused programs returned within 30 days of delivery. No returns after 30 days.

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