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Student Comments

"I am enjoying working on my art. Thank you for all the hard work you have done. I continue to recommend it to anyone who is interested. It is easy to use, thorough, and professional. Most importantly - it works."

K.C., Redlands, California

"I've now had time to read through the course and looked over 1 1/2 of the videos. I must say I'm truly impressed and we're all looking forward to starting soon. As a homeschooler, I appreciate the time you've taken to explain everything in detail, including the philosophy behind your method."

S.C., Ontario, Canada

"We are very excited about your program! Having taught Suzuki piano, I consider it 'Suzuki method art education'." "Thank you so much for your excellent program!"

A.K., Glendale, WI

"I can certainly see many advantages to this program beyond learning art, both for myself and for my children. I must say I am astounded by the level of detail in the program! I am finding it to be extremely precise and perfectly laid out. I am sure many thousands of hours have gone into your effort."

R.V., Richmond, VA

For more information please visit our curriculum summary page.

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