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Gordon School of Art Teacher Training:
Policies, Procedures, and Costs

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The Business and Legal Aspects of the Program

Level 5 Teacher-Training: During this phase, besides conducting introductory practice- teaching lessons with private students, teacher candidates continue their own artistic training by taking themselves through the New Masters Level 5 home-study course.

Costs to trainee:
Evaluation of the teacher's Foundation Course work (included with the course)
Evaluation of students' Foundation Course work - $30 ea.(One student evaluation is included with the course). Additional mail instruction fees beyond the two covered in the cost of the course - $30 ea.
Level 5 program package $269.95
Extra workbooks - $39.95 plus shipping.

Costs to each new student:
Registration fee - $10
Student art book - $39.95
Supply Packet - $9.95

The Level 5 Course package includes a teacher manual, a student workbook, 4 instructional DVDs, two mail evaluation sessions and one year of free telephone support.

Phase 3) Foundation Course individual-lesson practice teaching.
Once teacher candidates have successfully graduated a single student from the Foundation Course, they may begin the individual lesson practice-teaching phase of their training - but only in one-on-one private lessons.

During this stage, the candidate may have no more than 6 students enrolled at a time. The 6 student limit will apply until at least 2 of those students have successfully passed step 4 of the Foundation Course, at which time the teacher may take on as many additional students as the evaluator recommends. If possible, these students should vary in their ages -- ideally at least one between ages 8 and 9, one between 10 and 13, and the other age 14 and up.

As soon as a student from each of the three age ranges has graduated from the Level 4 program -- on the mastery level -- the teacher will be awarded Foundation Course certification. At this point the teacher may enroll as many beginning students as he or she wishes for individual private lessons. Costs to trainee:
Student graduation evaluation fees - $30 ea.
Any additional mail instruction, if needed $30 ea.
(Level graduation evaluation fees include registration for the next level.)

Phase 4) Level 5 and Small-Group Certification

Teachers will be certified for Level 5 instruction when they successfully complete all the worksheets and projects for Level 5 and successfully take a student of any age through the Level 5 course. Rare exceptions may be made if the teacher has passed step 4 of the Level 5 course prior to starting a student on that level, but it is important for obvious reasons that teachers be trained well in advance of their students in both knowledge and skill prior to teaching them.

Teachers may begin small group sessions and/or extended lessons for their more advanced and independent students whenever those students spend at least half of their lesson time working independently. This could occur as early as phase 3.

Evaluation fees - $30 ea.
Level 6 program package $269.95
Extra Level 6 art books - $39.95 plus shipping.

Certification for Levels 6 through 8 will be carried out as on Level 5. The home-study courses for the remaining New Masters levels include video demonstrations on DVD for all worksheets and projects, a teacher manual with instruction guides for all worksheets and projects.

Phase 6) Classroom teaching
This phase will be conducted on an individual basis with each student and via one-week workshops at Gordon School of Art. It will involve full-class instruction management techniques and actual classroom practice teaching experience.

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