Home-Study and Studio Art Instruction for Children and Adults-Teacher Training

Courses of Study

The New Masters Art Curriculum is dedicated to the development of a new generation of great masters.

The New Masters™ Courses of Study

New Masters™ instruction is available in a video/home-correspondence format for English speaking students anywhere in the world, and a personal instruction studio format conducted at Gordon School of Art in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Click on the link below for more information.

Home-Study Courses

Information on programs for families and individual self-study students. The New Masters™ Foundation Course is the entry-level course for all students. Home-study courses combine video, manual, and home-correspondence instruction.

Home-Study Newsletter (for correspondence students)

Studio Courses

Information on Gordon School of art teacher-conducted studio classes for Green Bay and other Fox River Valley area Wisconsin residents. Class schedules, newsletters,
parent-student handbook, registration information, etc.

Studio Newsletter (for local students)

Teacher Training

Information for those who wish to use the New Masters Program to instruct non-family members for a fee. Private lesson and classroom certification.

Sample Learning Materials

Selected examples of the program’s skill-development exercises, projects, instruction guides, teacher correspondence, and video demonstrations.

John Gordon
Director, Gordon School of Art