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How & Why the New Masters™ Works

Why and how does this curriculum work as well as it does?
New Masters training methods, the structure of the curriculum, expectations for the student.

It uses the same skill-development methods used by the masters: copying pictures and practicing regularly.
The New Masters system is perception-based. Students learn to draw and paint what they see, as they see it, by duplicating artist’s originals in a variety of media. And they do so for the same reason the great masters did: to prepare them for the higher challenges of drawing and painting directly from life.

It addresses all the skills involved in drawing and painting.
The New Masters system is the result of an extensive skills analysis program that I conducted, with the help of my students, over a 30-year period. The goal of the program was to break down the tasks of drawing and painting into steps so small that any normal person — gifted or not, adult or child — could master them. These skills include the most basic taken-for-granted tasks, like how to hold a pencil, how to move the fingers, where to position the hand for particular kinds of lines, how and when to use each of the four drawing motions, etc.

It employs a highly organized, sequential, system of instruction.
The New Masters system is divided into a series of “levels,” each of which is divided into “steps.” Each step contains a set of logically sequenced worksheets and art projects. The system is designed in such a way that the worksheet exercises on one step are used to develop the skills required on the next step’s projects. So students are always practicing skills they will be using later and using skills they have practiced earlier.

It applies the highest standards in the field.
The New Masters system not only provides the best available means to mastery, it insists on mastery every step of the way. All students are held to the program’s standards — as illustrated in the work book and the home-study instruction manual –regardless of their ages or ability levels. (I have had no students to date who could not meet the standards, although some of them had to work very hard at times to do so.)The New Masters Art Curriculum is dedicated to the development of a new generation of great masters.


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“Talent Is A Matter of Training”
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