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Student Art Gallery

The New Masters Art Curriculum is dedicated to the development of a new generation of great masters.

New Masters™ Student Art Gallery by Level
Level 9: Oil Paintings from Photographs & Artist’s Originals

Oil Paintings from Black & White Photographs

Lincoln, Adrian U.

Flowers, Liz N.

Oil Paintings in Color from Artist’s Originals

Mars, Tim K.

Monet Study, Liz N.

Monet Street, Adrian U.

Oil Paintings from Color Photographs

Horse, Lynn P.

Before Urban Sprawl, Sharon D

Iridaceae, Jackie B.

Boat, Alice M.

Crocus, Steve F.

New Friends, Lynn P.

Summer Tartness, Christy D

Night Flame, Jackie B.

Spring Shadows, Sharon D.

Sturgeon Bay, Cynthia T.

Salzberg, Liz N.

Tiger’s Head, Kyle N.


New Masters private lessons are available for children ages six and up or for anyone who prefers private lesson over classroom instruction. (Age exceptions will be made based on the parent’s conception of their child’s maturity and capability.)

 For more information call 1-800-210-1220 or e-mail Gordon school of art at: gordon@newmasters.com.