Home-Study and Studio Art Instruction for Children and Adults-Teacher Training

About the New Masters Art Curriculum

The Program Standards

Gordon School of Art is committed to its standards. Under no circumstances will a student be graduated from a particular level of the program until that student’s work has met that level’s standards. This policy has been adopted for 2 reasons:

  1. We are committed to our students’ success and the program standards are essential to that success. It has been my experience that students will seldom work to their full potentials unless their teacher insists upon it. I am continually amazed at how much potential lies just beyond the “comfort zone” of the “average” person and how simple it is to unleash that potential by “forcing” them, through an unyielding insistence on standards, to work just above their accustomed level of effort.
  2. All studio and home-based students to date, who persisted in their efforts, including those with special needs, have been able to meet the course standards. (illustrations of the standards appear in the videos and the instruction manuals).

Examples of the Illustrated Standards:

What will it take to meet these Standards?

While this program has been designed to work for all students, it would be misleading to describe it as “easy”. Becoming a highly competent drawer and painter, no matter how well one is instructed, is a challenging prospect for many students. Art programs that claim otherwise, as so many do, not only misrepresent themselves to their prospective students, but do a disservice to the field of art education. Success in this program will require a commitment on the part of students and/or teachers, a commitment of time — from 1/2 hour to 2 hours or more per week depending on age and ability levels. It will require a commitment to meet the program’s standards (a willingness to keep working on a single exercise or drawing line until it is mastered.) And it will require a willingness to follow the curriculum as it is designed. Students who are willing to commit themselves to these requirements will be able to meet or exceed the program standards and will find the process rewarding and enjoyable