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Student Art Gallery

The New Masters Art Curriculum is dedicated to the development of a new generation of great masters.

New Masters™ Student Art Gallery

These galleries include examples from students aged 7 through adult on all levels of the curriculum. Keep in mind when you view these pictures that New Masters students are not pre-selected for enrollment on the basis of ability.

Gallery 1: Featured Artists:
The work of selected students who are either graduates of the program or advanced New Masters students.

Gallery 2: New Masters student work by level:
(See the level by level Curriculum Summary)

Foundation Course pictures (Levels 1 – 4)
Areas emphasized: Line drawing in a grid – pencil.

Level 5 pictures
Areas emphasized: Line drawing in a grid, basic shading in pen and ink, color theory.

Level 6 pictures
Areas emphasized: Basic free-hand line drawing, advanced line drawing with a grid, basic shading in pencil and pen and-ink from artist’s originals.

Level 7 pictures
Areas emphasized: Intermediate pencil shading from artist’s originals, advanced free-hand line drawing from pictures, basic line drawing from life, advanced ink drawing from artist’s originals.

Level 8 pictures
Areas emphasized: Basic life drawing in pencil and charcoal, Advanced pencil drawing from photographs.

Level 9 pictures
Areas emphasized: Oil Painting from black and white and color photographs. Intermediate life drawing in Charcoal.

Level 10 pictures
Areas emphasized: Advanced life drawing I charcoal and ink, oil painting from life.

Gallery 3: Illustrations:
Examples from students on all levels who have a flair for invention and apply the skills they learn from copying photographs and the work of other artists to the creation of original images.


New Masters private lessons are available for children ages six and up or for anyone who prefers private lesson over classroom instruction. (Age exceptions will be made based on the parent’s conception of their child’s maturity and capability.)

For more information call 1 (920) 632-7756 or email John Gordon, Gordon School of Art at: johngordon4740@gmail.com