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The New Masters Art Curriculum is dedicated to the development of a new generation of great masters.

New Masters™ Student Art Gallery Featured Artists:

Tim Kornowski

Tim was already a high performing artist when he started my private art program in the late 1990’s and in fact is one of the most talented students I have ever had – as well as one of my favorite people. Within a two or three year period, Tim went through my entire curriculum graduating at the age of 14. He pursued other interests for a time, in addition to starting a family, and now, thankfully, has returned to painting. I will add more of his work to this site as I receive it.ADD: Esther the Jewess, The Old Boots, Figurine and Flowers, Study after Velazquez, The Cascades, Self-Portrait, pencil, Tim, Davy, Cloudy day.

Esther the Jewess



Figurine and Flowers

Study after Velazquez

The Cascades

The Old Boots

Oil on canvas